The members of Rocquat have been involved with rock sculptures since 1990.

They have achieved Local & International acclaim for commercial and residential projects.

“Water, when used in conjunction with natural shapes, has an incredibly soothing effect. It is a very useful tool in today’s stressful environment. All my life I have loved the walks through rocky terrain” QMO

We hope that in some way we will affect the world’s appreciation of nature’s ability for perfection of design.

“Achieving the best possible end result, withouth unreasonable constraints, has bee a dream since I started in this trade. It is fantastic to be in the quality market. I am proud of every job I do. Our sculptures live beyond the expectations of a feature and stand as works of art” NG

A.R.C. Office: (0027) (021) 4686724
Quentin Mostyn Owen: 083 600 1869
Nathan Gorman: 083 601 4557